FR-OXFORD Diagonal 1/1 Ignifug

250 gsm | 98% Polyester, 2% Antistatic | FR-Plain 1/1


Fr Oxford 250 Orange
FR-Oxford is a 250gsm protective fabric with limited flame resistant properties (EN 14116). It is made of 98% polyester and 2% antistatic with flame retardant TFPU-membrane and Water Resistant finishing (EN343 & EN 1149). FR-oxford fabric is best used for protective rainwear or FR-clothing.
  • CERTIFICATION: EN 14116, EN 343
  • High Visibility: EN 20471
  • ANTISTATIC: EN 1149-5 (1149-3 METHOD 2)

Care Instructions:

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FR Oxford 250 specification table


FR-Oxford is a middleweight flame retardant fabric with water resistant properties. It is made with very durable Oxford fabric with addition of Antistatic yarn and Flame Retardant PU (Polyurethane) lamination. FR-Oxford consists of 98% polyester and 2% antistatic yarn. Flame retardant properties of FR-Oxford are not that strong as of our FR-Cotton or FR-Polycotton fabrics. FR-Oxford is designed for flame retardant rain jackets and trousers. That is why FR-Oxford is Certified to ISO 14116, which is a standard for limited flame retardant properties. FR-Oxford is also complied with EN 343 standard, which is a standard for Protective clothing and Protection against rain.

FR-Oxford is you best choice for FR clothing to be used in rainy places where there is also a risk of flame or fire.

available colours:

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